All quote requests for removals, transportation or recycling and waste should be made via our online forms.

Upon receiving a quote request we will endeavour to respond within 48 hours.

Quotes are then valid for 5 calendar days. If you are happy to proceed then we ask you to confirm by replying to the quote email. This reply then acts as an agreement of the contract between us.

For any job we require a 25% (non-refundable) deposit to be paid no later than 5 calendar days prior to the job date. We prefer payments by bank transfer but can accept cash. Payment details are at the bottom of the form.  We will give you a full receipt on site.
All balances are to be paid upon job completion

Please be aware that under the Customer Contract Regulations Act (2013) you have 14 calendar days to cancel and this ‘cooling-off’ period would start immediately. 
We understand that from time-to-time some removal days get delayed. Sometimes we may need to postpone a move. In such cases of a postponement we will agree a new date for the move.  This will, of course, be subject to our availability. 
We operate all year round but in the winter time (and sometimes the summer!) there are times when adverse weather conditions can impact the move. On these occasions we may opt to postpone all or part of the job. We are you will understand that health and safety of our staff, as well as yourselves and your belongings, come first.

We will conduct risk assessments on arrival and reevaluate throughout the day. If for any reason the removal or transportation is delayed by unforseen circumstances the job may need to be extended to another day.  

We understand this may not always be possible.  If we are travelling long distance, either nationally or internationally, we usually schedule the travelling so that the loading/unloading takes place in the daylight.  We often opt to travel at off-peak times (or at night) for this reason.
Each move is unique and we are constantly learning how to improve our methods and working practice. 
Moving house can be one of the most stressful things you will ever do.  Our mission statement is to make the move as smooth as possible.

A few days before the job we will get in touch with you to check details for the day(s) and to go over any specific logistical issues.  We ask you to provide us with as much information as possible prior to the day. 
If possible we may even be able to visit the site beforehand.  Photos and videos are always helpful.  Please feel welcome to send us as much information as you wish!

Upon arrival we typically do an initial visual assessment of the layout and the property access.  We will go around the property with you ascertaining what is to be moved out and into which rooms items should go.  If there are any obvious issues regarding access with particular items of furniture, we will raise these with you as early as possible.  It happens more frequently than you might imagine - some items of furniture simply won’t go up some sets of stairs or fit in the desired alcove!

We take every precaution to protect your items and their surroundings when moving them in and out of a property. We often use mats and tugs ro protect edges. Believe it or not, a lot of pieces of furniture were never designed to be moved.  Even more incredulously, some warranties don’t cover the act of moving the item.  
We pride ourselves on taking the utmost care but it should be noted that damage can occur. For your peace of mind we a fully insured with goods-in-transit and public liability insurance.

We recommend our customers pack their items well beforehand in strong double-walled cardboard or plastic boxes.  A good rule of thumb is to make the big boxes light and the small boxes heavy! The more sturdy and easy to handle the boxes, the safer and quicker they will be to move. 
We recommend you label boxes after sealing them.  This is very useful for us as well as yourselves in determining how to pack/stack the items in the vans.
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Information we hold is not shared or sold to any third parties.  Should you not wish to share information with us please do not submit any information to the website or email.

Should we already hold information on you and you wish for us to no longer hold that information then please email us with a subject line and message body DELETE MY DATA.

Emails may contain privileged and/or confidential information.  If you are not the intended recipient please do not disclose, copy, distribute, disseminate or take any action in reliance on it.

Should you wish to communicate with us by e-mail we cannot guarantee the security of any data outside our own computer systems. Any information contained in messages may be subject to applicable terms and conditions and must not be construed as giving investment advice within or outside the United Kingdom.

Conversations may be recorded for your protection and to ensure quality of service.

Every effort and precaution is taken to make sure emails are free from spyware, malware and or viruses that may directly or indirectly cause any damage to any device.

All rights reserved.  Errors and omissions exempt.  Without prejudice.  No assured liability.  Without recourse.

We have the right to refuse or amend any part of an agreed statement between ourselves and our customers beyond the agreed contract but will make every effort to meet our customers needs (email, text, social media or verbal agreement).