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Daniel and the team were absolutely fantastic. Friendly, professional, competent and ensured everything went to plan, the team could not have been more attentive. I would thoroughly recommend them.Many thanks Barry

Contacted DJ Removals to package and deliver goods from Surrey to Yorkshire. We cannot recommend Dan highly enough. From start to finish his service and professionalism was first class.

Dan and his colleague were absolutely fantastic helping to move our son from our home in Reigate into London. Turned up on time nothing was too much trouble delivered smoothly to our sons new place and also assembled a desk and bed in extreme heat.

About Us

Daniel James Removals is a family-run removals and transportation business serving both national and European destinations. Since 2012 we have prided ourselves on giving our customers the very best service from beginning to end. Whether moving a few items into storage or conducting a full house move, our core value is attention to detail and delivering outstanding customer service throughout the process. In short, we consider going the extra mile as standard.

The Moving Process

The Moving Process

The moving process can seem daunting to some and for others it is a frequent occurrence. Some people just don’t have the time to worry about a move an for others it is a profound moment in their lives. We love helping people out by serving their needs, realising their dreams and although we’ve seen it all, every job is unique. The team at Daniel James Removals are on hand to answer any questions you may have.  Please feel free to call us, send us a message via the contact us page or drop us an email anytime.     

Here is a little of what to expect:

The beginning:

To start the ball rolling we kindly ask you to fill out a free online self-survey quote.  Please click here for this.  Please note all your information is held confidentially. All our services begin with this step.

After we have received your self-survey quote we may request to conduct a home survey of your property. This will entail taking a detailed inventory of items, record any specific requirements you may have and better assess access to the properties.  This survey may take up to an hour but can take longer for more complex moves.

Once we have received your self-survey quote (and conducted a home visit if applicable) you will receive your quote within 48 hours in the form of an email. We may need to contact you in order to gather further information, prior to producing a quote. If you are happy to proceed we would require an email confirmation. This acts as the contract between us. We would then require you to make the deposit stated on the quote and let us know as soon as you have done so in order to secure the job and your moving date. The account details will be on the quote form. The balance will then be due on the day of the move and we we can send a receipt thereafter.


Packing service: 

We offer a full packing service in addition to a standard move.  This can entail packing your delicate items, wrapping furniture and paintings etc.  We are very experienced in determining how and what to pack in relation to the nature of your possessions and the access in the properties. We will supply all the relevant materials such as boxes, bags, bubble wrap, tape, cling film etc. We often opt to do packing (and some loading) on the day before your move, in order to meet handover deadlines.


Delays and changes:

It is quite common to need to add items after we’ve agreed your inventory.  Similarly there are frequently items you no longer need us to move.  You might decide you wish to ask us to take some items to waste.  Please do let us know when you have changes and we can amend the quote where applicable.  

It is not unusual for delays to be applied from solicitors, agent and the chain.  If you have secured a day by means of deposit we will of course endeavour to change the dates.  This may however not be possible on a specific date.  Completion typically takes 5 days following exchange of contracts. With all jobs we require notice of at least 1 calendar week for changes to inventories as well as dates.  

The move day:

We will arrive at your property at the designated time with our team and vehicles.  Should we be delayed for any reason we will touch base with you enroute.  We will then park our vans in the designated places.  We will meet you  and then conduct a quick assessment of the property layout and items to be moved.  By the time of moving day we will typically have a good idea of what what we are taking (which may be all or part of the contents) and so we should be able to proceed with loading almost immediately.  This is useful as time is very valuable on moving day! 

We understand there will be tasks you may need to do onsite, as we load, but we generally do ask customers to go off-site for health and safety reasons.  This is a good time to go for a farewell coffee! If there is a handover we should hopefully be finished loading by this time but if it does look like we will be delayed then we will keep you informed.

Unloading can often be a quicker process than loading.  We are mindful of new carpets but prefer to keep our shoes on if possible.  We are happy to take shoes off if you prefer but reserve the option of wearing them should we determine it to be safer for our team on the day.  All going well we will have loaded an/or reassembled your furniture and be finished by a reasonable time!

As we are onsite for some time we would very much appreciate use of your toilet and kettle! 

Keys and handovers: 

Many moves are time-specific.  We call them ‘timed’ moves in which you are part of a chain.  Your solicitor and/or agent will be able to explain this process to you but it often involves needing to officially vacate your property by a specific time of day.  This is often noon but can be an hour either side of that.  Any time before or after this is unusual.  

After you have left the property you will typically need to return your keys to the estate agents. This called the ‘handover’. There then occurs a period of time of no more than 90 minutes, during which nothing happens! We like to call this period ‘limbo’! It is, in fact, part of the legal transaction process in which you may need to sign some paperwork.  After this period you will receive the ‘key phone call’.  At this juncture you will be given your new keys and we can begin loading into your new home!  Unless you are moving some distance we will typically arrive at the new property before this time and will wait nearby.

Occasionally there will be a delay to this process and this can be a source of stress for you.  In our experience most of the jobs we have done have happened on the same da, albeit delayed.  Please be reassured we are always prepared for these eventualities and our team is in a position to stay on until you are all moved in.  Please note should this occur we will occasionally have to retain some of the deposit.


Some items of furniture will need to be dismantled in order to be moved.  This is because they were either constructed within a room with limited access or because it will make packing the van and transporting the items easier and safer.  It is worth noting that furniture was never intended to be moved! It is also worth mentioning that occasionally will have to dismantle factory or hand-built items (in addition to flat-packed) if the access to the  room has changed.  We are happy to offer dismantling as part of any move but are also happy should you wish to do this yourself ahead of the move, in order to save time. 

Almost every bed or wardrobe is different! We have a number of tools and methods for efficient dismantling.  We do sometimes discover missing bolts/screws as well as inherent damage in furniture and will always discuss this with you ahead of taking an item apart. We are quite experienced in this process! For any complex dismantling job we always find photos and original instructions very useful but we may ask you for specific makes and models ahead of the move.



We are happy to include the reassembly of furniture in any quote but, again, you may wish to do this yourself. You may not need everything reassembled especially if it is surplus and/or going into storage.  We ask you to specify on the self-survey quote form should any items not need to be reassembled.  Please note there could also be challenges where where wood has warped or bent over time but this is very much the nature of reassembly.

Property protection:

With all jobs we assess the access and layout of properties when we arrive and deploy our special doorway, floor, stair and banister protective covers.  We have a plethora of protective bags for sofas, chairs and mattresses as well as appliance covers, picture bags for artwork and televisions. We deploy these protective measures as we determine on the day.

Our vehicles:

 At Daniel James Removals we have chosen to use Citroen Relay L3H3 vans.  These have a weight capacity of 1.25 tonnes (1250kg) per vehicle and a capacity of 13.3m3.  They have a high roof and a long wheelbase. 





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